Concrete Examples of the Circular Economy

29 agosto 2018

Giving new life to things - this is the challenge of the circular and digital economy. Efficiency, awareness, and savings are in fact central themes in the development of innovative technologies and new business models that the market needs to implement.
In Italy, Italian green companies have increased by 26% in the last decade; according to a survey by GreenItaly, the data are encouraging more than ever, Italy has even proven to be the European leader in industrial recycling. In fact, we are talking about 47 million tons of recovered non-hazardous waste - the highest value in Europe - with savings of over 17 million tonnes of oil equivalent to 60 million tonnes of CO2.
Goodbye forever to the traditional economic model, based on consumption and the exploitation of natural resources. It is now impossible not to deal with the limited availability of resources and the increase in prices. But in what direction are we going? To get an idea of ​​the circular reality present today, simply consult the "Circular Market" database - the app which provides a list of companies and products that reduce and eliminate waste, differentiate the sources of material supply, and maximize the value of use of the consumer products.
From the fabric created using the waste derived from the wine production, to the organic pasta created with microalgae, from the material leftover from the shearing process transformed into thermal insulation, to coffee grounds used as the raw material for the production of mushrooms...the list already includes over 250 Italian companies.

Among those worthy of being reviewed, Sfridoo, one of the startups which were selected in the first batch of the Nana Bianca acceleration program in 2017, needs to be included. Sfridoo's service is simple and immediate: an exchange site between SMEs and micro-enterprises, for buying and selling production waste. The burden of one company becomes a resource for another, giving rise to the first community linked to the circular economy sector. Everything is summed up in the Sfridoo team's motto: "Give value to your waste!"

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