Europe and 2030 Renewable Energy Challenge

14 giugno 2017

Since 2016 the European Commission has set important targets to fight against Climate Change: EU wants to achieve the objective that at least 27% of energy consumption in the EU proceed from renewable energy sources by 2030.
Renewable Energies represent a great opportunity for all the entrepreneurs who want to be part of this challenge, providing smart solutions.
According to Deloitte 3 major trends will be shaping renewable energy industry during 2017:

  1. Corporate renewable procurement generated quite a buzz in 2016. Increasingly, consumers demand corporate social and environmental responsibility in the energy industry, which shows the need for direct acquisition by corporate buyers as a viable growth.
  2. Utilities are rolling out programs that provide customers with the option to consume renewables. Programs range from providing residential customers with utility-owned solar panels to allowing “self-consumption", through grid-tied, but customer-owned, solar and storage systems. And as more consumer choice is demanded, it’s likely that consumer preference for renewable energy will continue to propel growth.
  3. Renewable developers and utility holding companies are employing global diversification strategies to increase returns. Programs and tenders have proven to make global diversification attractive for renewable developers. Also, European energy companies have invested in the Internet of Things and data analytics technologies, especially those that enable more effective integration of distributed, renewable resources into the grid. Are you a startup providing solutions to tackle EU Energy Challenge? E-qube Startup Challenge offers the chance of win a 30.000 euros prize, grow your business and partnering with Estra Group, leading energy multi-utility company in Italy.
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