How marketing automation is changing marketing actions

05 luglio 2018

Customer Experience and Web Marketing are two increasingly essential themes for brands and companies in an era when the product and its functionality are no longer enough alone.
It is, therefore, no coincidence that Adabra won first prize in the previous edition of the E-Qube Startup Challenge competing among over 230
international projects.
Founded in 2011, Adabra is a platform that allows every user to create a unique and personalized experience, coordinating and adapting marketing activities in real time on all the online and offline channels. Centralized audiences and sophisticated algorithms, able to learn and adapt to individual user behavior, allow for optimal sales results very effectively. Within the program Big data is used to gather an enormous amount of data related to the habits and preferences of consumers and then, using artificial intelligence algorithms, to propose personalized products and incentives for each user.
What are the benefits of this approach, also called "Marketing automation"? The phenomenon of "Spam" is drastically reduced, and the user is only solicited with actually relevant suggestions. The effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated by an increasing number of digital platforms that use marketing automation as a key to a positive customer experience; while Adabra, already active in Italy, France, and Switzerland, will soon open up to the Spanish market.
One year after the award, Gian Mario Infelici, the CEO of Adabra, reflects on the results obtained and states: "E-qube has been an opportunity to compete with innovative solutions from all over the world; it is always a pleasure, and it motivates the whole team and the company to give the maximum of themselves. With this victory, our self-esteem has increased as well as our commitment to achieving a truly incredible solution within European marketing automation ".

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