Internet of Things: the Future is Energy Efficiency

10 agosto 2018

The multiple applications of the Internet of Things has conquered the Italian digital market, and is now playing an increasingly important role in satisfying the needs of companies and consumers.
A recent survey by the Milan Polytechnic Observatories estimated that the IoT sector in Italy has reached 3.7 billion euros, with a 32% increase compared to the previous year. The analysis looked at 156 startups which have developed Internet of Things solutions in the energy field (Smart Energy), operating in both Italy and abroad.
In practical terms, the Internet of Things offers the possibility to develop interconnected systems in order to improve everyday life: from integrated solutions for the management of lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems, to smart streetlights for cities, to production systems or optimizing energy consumption.
The applications considered refer not only to homes, buildings, and production systems, but also to contexts in which technology allows significant savings in electricity and / or water resources, such as the Smart City and Smart Agriculture.
The research has produced a significant element of reflection, and in fact, it emerged that startups are more oriented towards the B2B market, allowing for significant energy savings thanks to smart solutions. Specifically, 55% of the startups in the study offer solutions for businesses and public administration, while only 24% are exclusively for B2C; the remaining 21% chooses to address both targets.

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